Firefighters at Thanksgiving

The Firefighters Thanksgiving

It comes with the job description; firefighters don’t get nights or weekends off. They are always there. Thanksgiving is no different.

Maribeth Boelt’s tribute walks us through the daily work and emergency calls that make a Thanksgiving  at home a rarity for firefighters. The book is a noble gesture that served well in my class as the launching point to making thank you cards for local firefighters.

With nominal effort one could turn it into cards for the local police or those in the armed forces who share a firefighter’s fate on Thanksgiving.


Turkeys are Friends, Not Food!

A Turkey for Thanksgiving

In spite of carving out a niche in the picture book world with hard-core issues (like war and homelessness), Eve Bunting has ventured into lighter topics. On the docket this time: a humorous Thanksgiving story.

Mrs. Moose really wants a turkey for Thanksgiving; and what Mrs. Moose wants, Mr. Moose is off to get. Bunting purposely misleads us into thinking the Moose family is hunting for dinner. In fact they are looking for a turkey friend… and no one has more to be thankful for than the turkey.

For the record: I’m still going to enjoy eating my Thanksgiving bird.

Never Underestimate Little Old Ladies… at Thanksgiving

Thank you Sarah

If you don’t know Sarah Josepha Hale, you most likely don’t know that Thanksgiving is a national holiday because she lobbied for well over three decades to make it a reality. Sound like a boring read aloud? Think again!

This book takes us from the first feast to football. Then adds the historical context of the Civil War, debates over slavery, humor and Matt Faulkner‘s impressive illustrations to teach that you can indeed make a difference in the world: even if you are a marginalized, nonvoting, member of society… just like Sarah Josepha Hale.