Don’t Stop the Poetry

Yesterday I had the Blues

There is beauty and poetry in spoken language. Yesterday I Had the Blues celebrates language… (and color words that depicts moods).  But I really selected this book because Jeron Ashford Frame drops a little AAVE (African American Vernacular English) within this celebration of family.

Linguistic Tangent Below: You have been warned.

Some scholars believe that if you write a dialect phonetically like, “lookin” instead of “looking” that it’s bad form… really bad form. Especially if you only do it for traditionally marginalized groups and no one else. There is a valid point here. But there is also this…

When you write “non-standard” dialects in traditional print English, the beauty of the different ways of speaking becomes invisible on the page. Plus, it reads like someone swapped the character’s voice with a newscaster. Yesterday I Had the Blues takes a step away from that kind of homogeneity toward the poetry of language.