10 Reasons I Look Forward to Going Back to School

Look Forward to School

Copyright Leonora Enking – Creative Common Licence

10. New school supplies

9. The classroom is a platform to advocate for justice (even though my professors warned me not to use it that way)

8. Working with people that care about more than the number on their direct deposit statement

7. Picture Books (duh!)

6. I get paid to read to children

5. I get paid to listen to children read

4. The stack of pictures my students draw for me every day

3. The light in the eyes of a child when they burst out, “I can read!”

2. Parents who say, “Thank you!” (sometimes through their tears)

1. Notes from my students that say, “I luv u!”


What (you may ask) do I read aloud on the first day of school?

That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown

This Book!!!

If I was ever crazy enough to make a top ten read aloud picture book list (what a daunting task) this would have to be on it. Cowell’s (How to Train your Dragon) imaginative dialogs juxtaposed  with Layton’s brilliant illustrations are  marvelous.

In this adventure an immature queen keeps trying to buy Emily Brown’s rabbit. Emily isn’t going for it; and the stakes get higher and higher.

When I read this, I use a British dialect for the queen, a hyper-official British voice for her military and an American accent for Emily.  Last year I was halfway through the book, swapping dialects back and forth, when one of the boys blurted out, “How are you DOING THAT?!”

On days like that, it’s good to be a teacher.