Read Aloud Rubric

Read Aloud Rubric - Functional Slop

Download Rubric PDF

Reading aloud to children is a performance art.  If you have a theater background you are way ahead of the game.  For the rest of us, it takes practice and perhaps stepping out of our comfort zones.  If you really want children to fall in love with literature then you’re going to need to work on the areas in this read aloud rubric.  Ham it up!  Children love exuberant drama!


6 thoughts on “Read Aloud Rubric

  1. I absolutely LOVE reading out loud to kids. My students are always a little amused (perhaps bemused) the first week of school, then they totally get into the fun. I often hear about how substitute teachers “don’t know how to read a book right.”

    Keep helping us to be better readers!

  2. I like the detail on the rubric… it’s usually easy for me to be ‘enthusiastic, excited and expressive’ in reading aloud to children – especially if the reader loves the books too!.

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