I Rescued this Book From a Librarian Who Sentenced it to the Dumpster

By Ruth Brown

No, I didn’t dumpster dive to obtain this book. The librarian in question had determined that this book was too beat up for the dignity of her shelves. On that particular day I happened into the library after school and she offered A Dark Dark Tale to me. Were it not for 3M’s Fabulous Book Tape it would not still grace my bookshelf. But, a decade or so later, it endures.

I like this book, but wasn’t going to include it my blog. However, on Halloween I ominously read of the dark, dark mystery hidden in these pages. When the secret was revealed (and my class burst into laughter) I knew that it was indeed post worthy.


Never Underestimate Little Old Ladies… at Halloween

Little Old Lady

Feminism meets Halloween? Not exactly, but in this classic story the little old lady truly isn’t scared of anything.  In spite of being stalked through the woods, she refuses to be bullied by any number of Halloween spooks and works the situation to her advantage in the end.

Strong female lead characters weren’t exactly the order of the day in the 80s; so this one stands out. Predictable text and repeated words (yes this was a product of the Whole Language heyday) definitely target this book toward the preschool/Kindergarten crowd. But even my first graders got a laugh out of it.

On the Lighter Side of Halloween: Goodnight Goon

Goodnight Goon

Spoofs delight me. Sure, the genre can be overdone. But a very familiar book, with a totally new twist, is fun. (Unlike most sequels).

Like Goodnight iPAD, this is a reworking of Margaret Wise Brown’s classic, Goodnight Moon set in a comically creepy context with a fun ending. It made me smile. Plus, Halloween is just around the corner!

Goodnight Moon

And the Best Witch Book Ever is… Piggie Pie! (Really)

Piggie Pie

Gritch the witch is starving; and nothing satisfies like piggy pie. So it’s off to Old MacDonald’s Farm (where else?) to snag a passel of piggies.

But she isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed; and MacDonald’s pigs are masters of covert operations. (Even the Big Bad Wolf knows not to mess with them.)

What follows is the hilarious unfolding of Gritch’s attempts to locate dinner (and a clever twist at the end.)

I read this one at maximum volume: channeling Gritch’s hair pulling, all-out temper tantrum tirades.