Breathtaking Childhood Realizations

My Teacher is a Monster

A close second to the childhood realization that your teacher does not live at school is this; your teacher is human.

Crazy, I know! But that’s certainly not how it seems to Bobby in My Teacher is a Monster.

Ms. Kirby is a legit maniac-raging, green skinned beast posing as a person.  She stomps, roars and squelches every spark of joy… until Bobby runs into her at the park.

Somehow seeing people out of the little compartments that we mentally box them in can be just enough to jar us into a new paradigm. Or as Susan Philips argued, the participant structure of a given event shapes who we can be in that place. (Just building my nerd cred.)

This is exactly what happens to Bobby as he interacts with Ms. Kirby. She changes, and how he sees her changes. Peter Brown makes full use of this visual: gradually morphing Ms. Kirby from this…

My Teacher is a Monster 2

To this.

My Teacher is a Monster 3

Along the way Ms. Kirby learns to see that Bobby isn’t the monster that she thought he was either. And everyone is wiser, even if they still have their monster moments.


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