Five Indispensable Read Alouds for Boys

I’m not sure what I did to prompt the chromosome gods to unleash a class with twice as many boys than girls upon me. But it must have been epic!

These boisterous boys are fun! But what they really seem to prefer is action. (Who knew? It’s a major breakthrough in gender studies!)

Sarcasm aside, don’t shoot the messenger. I’m telling you what I’m observing in action. And don’t come at me with that, “But, you’re reinforcing gender stereotypes!” My last post should have made it amply clear that I’m not trying to box boys in. This is what I see. Not what pop-psychologists are telling me to see.

In honor of this group I’ve compiled the aforementioned:

Five Indispensable Read Alouds for Boys

Shark vs Train crop

It’s the classic struggle: The Dark Lord vs… well actually it’s two boys having a ridiculously funny toy battle… just as good!

This is Not My Hat

Jon Klassen might be the most groundbreaking picture book author in the mainstream. This is Not My Hat is about crime and punishment (and it’s much more concise than Dostoyevsky’s rendering).

Oh No!

“But there’s a GIRL on the cover!” Honestly, they don’t care: giant monsters, urban battlefields… these kids play Halo and Black Ops at home. Oh No! is speaking their language. It’s not about what their teacher likes. It’s about hooking them into literature.

That is NOT a Good Idea!

That is NOT a Good Idea looks like a predictable fair tale(ish) story. Nope! It’s riveting suspense and the perfect twist at the end.

Battle Bunny

Not only did the boys love Battle Bunny; it’s brilliant commentary on why boys disconnect from school literacy.



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