Going Global: Yakyu


Take Me Out to the Yakyu

As a kid, I would get sick with anticipation wanting to go to major league baseball games. There was something almost magical about the experience of being in the ball park: especially since I was accustomed to watching my favorite teams on TV. Thus, I reached euphoria when a player flipped me a beat-up ball during batting practice. Ah, the cheap thrills of youth!

This is the energetic world Aaron Meshon delivers to us in Take Me Out to the Yakyu, with the notable caveat that we are going to baseball fields in Japan AND the U.S. This is another fabulous tool to reveal to students that the world is so much bigger than the local community to which many of them are confined.

BTW: I like to follow this up with a little Google Earth tour from our team’s baseball field to Tokyo Dome. It’s a wonderful tool to transport students from the streets of our city around the globe; and demonstrate that we are but one tiny location in a vast world.


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