Global Perspective


I won a bookstore gift card by answering a trivia question on a radio talk show. (Yes, I’m that much of a nerd.) So, I promptly trekked over to the store and brought Flotsam into my wordless picture book collection.

This is the story of an old camera.  An extremely old camera that travels the oceans by surreal means and eventually washes up where a boy is enjoying the sun and sand. Upon developing the film, he finds a picture of a child in another country holding a picture of yet another child. A magnifying glass reveals that this third child (in yet another county) is holding a picture of a fourth child in another country… and on and on it goes: stunning image after stunning image, country after country, generation after generation around the world and back into the 1800’s.

The global/historical perspective of David Wiesner‘s Flotsam is a marvelous doorway to talk about cultures with young children who are otherwise unlikely to venture beyond the borders of their country.  (And of course, because it’s a wordless picture book it’s perfect for teaching inferential meaning.)

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