I Hate Counting Books… but there’s an exception

Count the Monkeys

I’m pretty convinced that you can’t go into marketing unless you can lie. Case and point: Count the Monkeys isn’t a counting book.

Or is it? Hmm, well you certainly aren’t going to count monkeys because there aren’t any in the book! Instead Mac Barnett leads the reader on a wild goose chase of interactive antics to shoo off all the creatures that are in the book. By the end, all of the other animals (and lumberjacks) are gone, but… you didn’t count the monkeys!

Count the Monkeys is the kind of participatory read aloud that draws young readers to books. My class loved sneaking away from the king cobra, banging on our imaginary pots and pans (to scare the bears) and the twist of not counting with the “counting” book.

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