The Doctor is in… (Seuss, not Who)

When a writer dies, their heirs can allow some pretty strange things to happen to their works. It’s anyone’s guess if the author would approve of these extensions to their art.

Either way, I don’t approve of the explosion of posthumous Seuss products. It’s my hangup, I know. But who is this really all about anyway?

Most of these offerings strike me like an over-the-top commercial adulteration of a masterpiece.  And when the Lorax (Mr. Enviromental) was marketing SUVs… Well, let’s just say that misguided shameless greed knows no end.

But back to the Doctor’s real work. These are my top 5 Seuss read alouds selected to celebrate the Doctor’s Birthday (excluding a couple I’ve already covered).

The Lorax

The environmental advocate and his warning to the corporate world.

Cat in the Hat comes back

If only there was nothing that a little “Voom” couldn’t clean up! (But then what would the Lorax do with his free time?)

The Sneetches

We could stop trying to one up each other… but as that’s historically unprecedented, the Sneetches have a lesson for us.

Green Eggs and Ham

Serving up the iconic classic. Don’t even tell me you haven’t read it!

There's a Wocket in My Pocket

Silliness and being OK with who you are, or at least the house you live in.

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