“My Daddy is in prison”

Knock Knock

For each child who has been forced to endure the emptiness and humiliation of this shattered dream, Daniel Beaty has a  message of hope.

You see, he has been there; and risen above the ashes of bitterness and shame. So he would know; and tell it like it is.

For the record: Beaty originally conceived Knock Knock as spoken word. He performed it (below) for Def Jam Poetry. Paired to Bryan Collier’s signature illustrations, this books packs emotional punch.

My favorite line (that didn’t make it into the book), “Yes we are our father’s sons and daughters; but we are not their choices.

6 thoughts on ““My Daddy is in prison”

    • It is a rare bird. FYI: For the book version Beaty writes more generally to the fatherless because, in his words, “…I discovered how many of my students were dealing with the loss of a father from incarceration, divorce, or sometimes even death.” (I’m guessing his publisher was also hoping to reach a broader market.) It’s still a great book; but it doesn’t have quite the focused target audience that his spoken word does. And yes, anything with Bryan Collier’s name on it has my attention.

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