A Few Words About Martin’s Big Words

Martin's Big Words 2

Martin’s Big Words is the story of Martin Luther King Junior’s life. Briefly put, it’s…

Masterfully written… Like Martin Luther King Junior’s public speaking, there’s a beautiful cadence to Doreen Rappaport‘s writing.

No holds barred… He’s taken to jail.  He gets shot. He dies. (Bryan Collier‘s illustrations don’t show King’s shooting or death; but the somber candles and black cathedral background, with Martin’s deep eyes, can bore an indelible mark in the mind).

Not devoid of context… Martin states, “God is with this movement”. He also prays with people. (Just like he actually did.)

Profoundly moving… I nearly cry (or actually do cry) every year when I read this book; and I’m not a crier.

3 thoughts on “A Few Words About Martin’s Big Words

  1. and now Bryan Collier has been nominated for the Hans Christian Andersen award!! I’m glad this book is getting the recognition it deserves, but I hate that the award stickers disrupt the cover illustration.

    • Awesome! Collier deserves the award! BTW: I’m glad you mentioned the stickers. They were bothering me subconsciously. Now that you mentioned it, I found a clean image and replaced the old one. Thanks!

      • Oh I didn’t mean that you had to replace the image! But the uncluttered version does look much better. It’s something that annoys me about awards in general, like when you see movie posters covered in “Sundance Winner” garlands and such.

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