To all the Hero Dads (and Moms) on Veterans Day

Hero Dad

Being a military family is hard… extremely hard.

No, I’m not speaking from experience. Yes, I’ve known a few: from the pilot of Air Force 2 (the VP’s jet) to the private mopping floors and a bunch in between. For the record, none of them said, “I’m living the dream!”

No.  Pulling up stakes and moving your family around the world (or the country) every few years is tough. Being gone often and for undisclosed amounts of time to undisclosed locations is tough on the whole family. (It’s not called the service for nothing.)

Occasionally my students’ Dads (and once in a great while, moms) get deployed. That’s difficult for kids to understand.  So, would it hurt to thank the Hero Dads (and their families)? I hope not.

And a side note:

I’m posting about this book because I believe that you should respect those who willingly enlist and serve knowing that it may cost them their lives: regardless of which side of the aisle the Commander in Chief happen to have come from.

I’m not writing to condone or condemn U.S. foreign policy. I’ve been pleased with U.S. foreign policy and I’ve protested such matters. But those complicated topics are for a political blog that I’ll write when I get 9 more lives. This is about saying thank you to those that serve our country.


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