The best time to start reading to your child was in the womb. The second best time is today.

Perhaps you have noticed that schools produce more students who can read than who choose to read.

There are many reasons for this. But, significant among them is the endless push to raise test scores.

What’s the connection? Well…

Literature as pleasure is not a concern of most schools because the test score bar has been raised to the point at which most are “failing”.

If your child’s teacher is like most, they would like to teach your child to read for pleasure. However, it’s not in their curriculum (or Common Core). Not to mention that it won’t raise test scores right away (like teaching to the test). Consequently, they have to sneak it in the backdoor of the curriculum; and that’s exactly what many teachers feel compelled to do.

So, if you are hoping that your child will love literature, I’d suggest that you start reading to them… yesterday.

But, today would be good too!

BTW: If you’re thinking, “But my daughter/son is too old!” Just try it for a week. I’ve found that even middle schoolers will gladly listen; but picture books are most likely out of the question.

2 thoughts on “The best time to start reading to your child was in the womb. The second best time is today.

  1. I wish I could attach a picture of Drake (15) at his grandparent’s house just last night. Though we weren’t reading aloud, I peek in on him and find that he is FaceTiming a friend, reading aloud. #dividends

    I would also campaign for picture books for middle and high schoolers. The messages can be both brief to deliver, powerful, and interpreted at a deeper level of complexity. They may claim to be too old on the outside, but I would argue that none of us are ‘too old’ for a great picture book!

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