I’m Thinking This Book Would be Quietly Pulled from Most Schools… if it was still in print

Do you know what I'm going to do next Saturday

This is a boy who has plans for next Saturday: BIG plans.

He’s going to eat TEN MILES of spaghetti… play tennis against five kids (at one time) and win…, and then he’s going to beat their dads… walk 100 miles… fly a jet… AND a helicopter!  (It’s a “What’s in your wallet?” kind of weekend.)

So what did Dr. Suess’s wife put into this book 50 years ago that might raise eyebrows?

This boy is going to hang with the U.S. marines and shoot their guns.

Once upon a time we didn’t have to worry about kids and guns in school. That time is gone, and books like this went out with it.

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