Pinterest Meets WordPress: August’s Books

 So Few of Me  A Great Day for UP   Yo! Yes?  Scrawny Cat My Name is Yoon   I'm Bored   The Snowy Day   Tornado Slim  Extra Yarn  A Bad Case of Stripes  This is Not My Hat  Double Trouble The Paperboy  That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown  Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus  Flossie & the Fox  Henry's Freedom Box  Goodnight Moon  PiratesDontChangeDiapers  Fly Away Home    Duck Rabbit  Unspoken   OhNo  Bear Snores On    IraSleepsOver   TheOtherSide But excuse ME THAT is MY book   Martin's Big Words  Shark vs Train crop  Knuffle Bunny Free  Knuffle Bunny Too  Knuffle Bunny

4 thoughts on “Pinterest Meets WordPress: August’s Books

  1. I am so happy I found your blog. My book list is growing with fabulous stuff. My librarian and I are getting better acquainted. My students are hearing/seeing/reading a better variety. Who could ask for more. THANKS.

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