This One is for the Outcasts

Scrawny Cat

I tend to root for “lost causes”. I like it when the weak are strong, life’s losers finally win and the outcasts find a home. It just seems right.

This is a story about such a cause. Scrawny Cat used to have a home and someone to love him.  But those days are gone.  Everyone calls him, “Get out of here”. Thus, it’s a story about loneliness; and who hasn’t been there?

The predictable resolution for this story still pays off, even though you can see it coming from a mile away. I like well written (not trite) happy endings: even if there aren’t as many of these in real life as there are in children’s books.

It’s not overtly mentioned in the story, but scrawny cat totally works as a metaphor for the homeless.  So I like it on that level too.

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