The “K” in Knuffle ISN’T silent. Mo said so.

Knuffle Bunny

A year after the New York Times Best Selling Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!  Willems reeled in another Caldecott Honor for “Knuffle Bunny”.  In this cautionary tale, Trixie loses her stuffed bunny; but she lacks the words to let her dad know.  Willem’s depiction of the ensuing crescendo of Trixie’s temper tantrum is so spot on; I’m willing to bet my direct deposit check that it came from his experience raising children.

The sharp contrast between the urban black and white photographs and the cartoon character drawings makes the action pop off the pages.  My students are obsessed with this book; and I am too.

I used to read this title as “Nuffle Bunny”. But I heard Mo speak at a conference; and he pronounced the “K”.

Since he’s the author, I started reading it his way.

3 thoughts on “The “K” in Knuffle ISN’T silent. Mo said so.

  1. I thought it was silent for quite a while too until a friend in book publishing told me it wasn’t 🙂 Love all his books, but especially this trilogy. Wonderful blog by the way! I love picture books too.

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